Realistic Morning Rituals


I am a morning person  (I actually tell people I'm just not an afternoon person but also don't like naps so there's this weird thing going on there). 

Truthfully, morning rituals start the night before. If you want to carve out a few minutes in the morning, you have to get to bed a few minutes earlier. Here are a few actionable steps:

- Set yourself an evening alarm to decompress sans digital screens (put down the Insta, turn off the Netflix, meditate, tea, do nothing, legs up the wall).
- Set out your clothing for the next day.
- Pack your lunch ahead of time.
- Set up stuff for your morning coffee/tea rituals.
- Place your keys, wallet, bag in the same place by the door. 
- Fill your water bottle and place it by your bed. 

As for the morning, make your ritual list short. Since I prep the night before, I only do 3 main things in the morning:

- drink water
- meditate for 10 minutes
- make coffee

A small addendum is that when I freelanced, I would also go over my daily schedule during these morning hours as they were more loosely structured. Looking over your to-do lists the night before is also an amazing option. 

Wishing you good mornings!
- Sara