Private Sessions 


This completely customizable private session can either be a movement consultation or a guided practice or a bit of both. If you've ever had additional questions about the Vinyasa Yoga Practice, are curious about a home practice, or would simply like a personally guided and adjusted class 


Corporate Classes

Looking to bring movement into your workplace? I will work with you to tailor a class to your specific needs (time, intensity, number of people, props/no props) and create an on-going series. Classes greatly improve company morale and boost productivity as students will leave refreshed and recharged for the rest of their day. 


Yin & Juice

A big favorite for music festivals and live events, this one hour Yin-Yasa class is well-loved for its blend of (live DJed) deep hip hop beats and slow, steady movements. And it ends with a free Ginger-Juice shot taken to sounds of Gin & Juice.