Take it slow


My philosophy is simple - take it slow. When we slow down, we up our levels of proprioception and become not only more aware of our lives in a physical plane, but an emotional and spiritual one as well. Slow movement builds functional strength, makes you sweat, and teaches continuous patience. My classes are a mindful meditation on movement and include a good bit of fun - I use movement as a tool for play and exploration. I aim to break down complex movements to their simplest parts and help us re-learn the joy of free movement. 



Mobility is the key feature of my own personal practice and is one of the greatest things I hope to share with my students. Mobility is the meeting point of flexibility, stability, and strength - when all three meet, we are highly mobile in a wide range of movement. This is an important practice as it increases our proprioception and allows us to move with greater ease and grace. In my Vinyasa Style classes, we practice within our own safe ranges of motion and challenge ourselves to move slowly and with great attention to the physical feedback of our movement. 



I am a believer of the "slow burn" method. I use both active and isometric strengthening moves to help create functional strength. Functionality is key - we need more strength in movements we make in our normal routine, whether that is squatting down to lift something heavy or bending over to pick something up off of the ground. 



I teach Mindfulness Meditation which focuses in on a singular point in the body, whether that be the breath or the gaze. This is an incredibly accessible type of meditation as it allows the mind to settle on a singular point. I encourage a daily meditation practice upon waking for all of my students as well as myself - it is a functional ritual that aids our emotional and spiritual wellbeing throughout our lives. It keeps the noise levels down in our brain. 


Corporate Classes

Are you looking to provide your employees with an in-house yoga program? I am available for morning, afternoon, and evening sessions, I can custom-build a class for your workplace. My classes are suitable for all levels of students in both restorative and power yoga styles. All classes are offered in one-hour lengths and can be modified to be practiced with or without props. 

Private Classes

Interested in one-on-one sessions in the comfort of your own home? I have a small number of private slots available and these sessions are completely unique and evolve over time. They can include: guided meditation, focused asana practice, anatomy, Pranayama, and ritual. If you're looking to go deeper into your practice or aiming to build a home practice, I can assist you in forging a sustainable and consistent practice that will grow in time with you.